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In the National Park of Lomsdal-Visten, or Njaarke as the Sami name is, you will find a unique part of the nature of Helgeland region of Northern Norway. Here you will find caves and fjords, old forests, mountains and peaks. And a lot of water. In lakes and pools and wild streams. There are rocky mountains and lush valleys. In some parts you will find easy walking, but be prepared for mostly rough and demanding hiking.

The National Park was established in 2009 and is managed by the National Park board.

The Lomsdal-Visten National Park will give you spectacular scenery, but is still a well-kept secret among Norway’s protected areas.

Generally Lomsdal-Visten is demanding. Which means that you’ll not be able to cover as large distances as you can count on in other areas. Besides some few paths in the lowland, you’ll not find paths or marked routes in these mountains. Where you find any trail-markings they are made by (old) stone cairns, and the red T’s are not to be found here. There’s no map covering the National Park, but the map Vistfjellan covers most of the area (not the most northern parts). For Europe it’s possible to buy it on net here (English), here (Dutch) or here (German). A nice hiking report in English can be found here.

For most hikes in the National Park you will need to carry all of your gear, including tent. There are some unlocked huts that you are free to use.

Be aware of the rivers which easily raises in rainy weather. Do not cross strong streamy rivers if you are not experienced.

We wish you a nice visit to the treasured land of Lomsdal-Visten. Please feel free to contact the National Park manager Torhild Lamo or ranger Carl Norberg for more information. You can also follow us on Facebook!

GPX-tracks and information on cabins/shelter can be found on Turkart Helgeland. The information is only in Norwegian, but to save a track/POI, press the wished item, then press «GPS» and «lagre» and it saves to your PC/Mac as a gpx-file.

For information on fishing, have a look here: Fiskebrosyre, engelsk.

Open cabins/shelters (coordinates in UTM/WGS 84):

  • Strompdalen – Cabin: W33 0399077 7259333
  • Tettinghytta – Cabin: W33 0396960 7258285
  • Lomsdalskoia – Cabin: W33 0402738 7261812
  • Nedre Breivatn – Traditional Sami shelter: W33 0402051 7257808
  • Klausmarka – Cabin: 33W 0386479 7278095
  • Stavassgården – Cabin (partly open, partly closed): W33 0420966 7263791
  • Stavassætra – Cabin: W33 0418431 7265991
  • Sæterskardet – Cabin: W33 0410801 7278868
  • Fjellgården – Cabin: W33 0413292 7281071
  • Langskarneshytta – Cabin: 33W 0416192 7268962
  • Tøymvasshytta – Cabin: 33W 0396820 7269264
  • Auslia – Cabin: 33W 0389454 7281634
  • Krongelvatnet – Traditional Sami shelter: 33W 0399580 7285237
  • Svartvassheia – Cabin: 33W 0405059 7278691
  • Sukkertoppen – Cabin: 33W 0395310 7292912

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